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The Magical Unicorn Gift Pack - with new unicorn wand!


Send some magic with our Magical Unicorn gift pack, full of sweet treats and unicorn fun! A selection of our full-sized Popstics, packed in dry ice and delivered to the door with a helium balloon and the sweetest of treats for some rainbow fun.

The Magical Unicorn Gift Pack contains:  

  • 10x Hand made Popstics in assorted shapes (full sized Popstics)
  • 1x Helium-filled Balloon - 4 options to choose from 
  • 1x Enchanted Unicorn Wand
  • Note card personalised with your message - choose from 2 cards 

Select your flavours or leave it to us to put together a mix of our best sellers:

Ice cream Popstics:  
Cookies & Cream ice cream
Salted Caramel ice cream (GF)  
Chocolate ice cream (GF) 
Peppermint ice cream (GF)
Sorbet Popstics: 
Passionfruit sorbet (GF, DF) 
Raspberry sorbet (GF, DF)
Pink lemon sorbet (GF, DF)
Duo Popstics: 
Mango sorbet + coconut sorbet (GF, DF)
Chocolate Ice cream + peppermint ice cream (GF)
Chocolate Ice cream + passionfruit sorbet (GF)
Chocolate ice cream + raspberry sorbet duo (GF)

Please note:
GF = gluten free, DF = dairy free.