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We deliver Monday-Saturday from 12-7pm (we are making ice cream in the morning). We deliver Monday- Saturday from 12-7pm (we are making ice cream in the morning).

Pink Lemon Sorbet - Party Friends


An old school lemon sorbet, refreshing and balanced. A hit amongst children and the young at heart.  

Party Friends: 
Designed especially with little celebrations in mind. Our party friends are available in our most popular Children's flavours, dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. 

Slightly smaller than our classic Popstics. Party friends arrive in mixed shapes: Paw, Smiley face, Tiger, Bear, Piggy, Cow, Chicken, Puppy and Bunny. Sizes vary across shapes. We select a variety of Party Friend shapes when creating your pack for maximum excitement. 

Individually packaged and boxed in dry ice.

Please note:
Our sorbets are made without milk, egg yolk, peanuts, tree nuts, soy and/or wheat.

Please note that we do however use these ingredients in our commercial kitchen. 
Therefore there may be traces of these allergens.

If you have a reaction to these allergens we recommend that you do not consume the product.