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15 Party Friends Pack - Children's Popstics + Choc Dipping + Sprinkles


15 Popstics with Lindt choc dips and sprinkles.   

Our Party Friends pack comes in a mix of some of our most popular flavours and 7 assorted shapes including: Tiger, Bear, Pig, Cow, Paw, Smiley face and Bunny. Sizes vary across designs. Slightly smaller in volume than our Classic range. 

Select your 15 flavours or leave it to us to put together a mix of our best sellers. All Popstics are dipped in chocolate and sprinkled. Individually packaged and boxed in dry ice.

Ice cream Popstics:
Cookies & Cream ice cream
Chocolate ice cream (GF)
Peppermint ice cream (GF)

Sorbet Popstics:
Passionfruit sorbet (GF, V, DF)
Raspberry sorbet (GF, V, DF)
Pink lemon sorbet (GF, V, DF)

Assorted shapes:
Paws Average Volume: 100ml
Smiley Face Average Volume: 110ml
Tiger Average Volume: 60ml
Bear Average Volume: 60ml
Piggy Average Volume: 60ml
Cow Average Volume: 60mL
Bunny Average Volume: 60ml

 Please note:
GF = gluten free, V = vegan, DF = dairy free