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The 12 Popstics Gift Pack


Make their day! 12 of our most loved hand made Popstics, full of flavour and made with heart. Our desserts are made in our Melbourne kitchen in small batches using quality local ingredients.  

Boxed in dry ice and delivered to the door with a personalised note card and fun helium balloon, the perfect gift pack for a Birthday celebration or simply to send some love.

The 12 Popstics Gift Pack includes

  • 12x Delicious hand-made Classic Ice cream, Sorbet and Icy Pole Popstics in assorted shapes and flavours 

  • 1x Helium balloon - choose from 9 options

  • Personalised note card - choose from 4 fun note cards and add your message       

Choose from the following flavours (or leave notes blank for a mix of our best sellers):

Ice Cream Popstics: 
Cookies & Cream ice cream
Salted Caramel ice cream (GF)
Chocolate ice cream (GF) 
Peppermint ice cream (GF)
Sorbet Popstics: 
Passionfruit sorbet (GF, DF) 
Raspberry sorbet (GF, DF)
Pink lemon sorbet (GF, DF)
Duo Popstics: 
Mango sorbet + coconut sorbet (GF, DF)
Chocolate ice cream + passionfruit sorbet duo (GF)
Chocolate ice cream + raspberry sorbet duo (GF)
Chocolate + peppermint ice cream duo (GF)
Icy Pole Popstics: 
Tropical icy pole (GF, DF) 
Strawberry + lime icy pole (GF, DF)

Please note:
GF = gluten free, DF = dairy free.