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What days do you deliver?

Hello! We deliver Monday to Saturday between 11am - 7pm. We aim to have our deliveries completed by 5-6pm, however our last delivery may be at 7pm on peak days. We will send you a message once your order is packed and again when we are on our way.  

Where do you deliver?

We deliver within 45kms of Melbourne CBD.

What are your delivery costs and turnaround times?

0-20kms $10 (same day for orders placed before 10am)

21-30kms $15 (same day for orders placed before 10am)

31-40kms $20 (next day delivery) 

40-45kms $25 (delivery 1-2 days)

50-kms+ $30-35 (Please contact us for a quote by courier)

Our delivery charges covers a small portion of our drivers wages, vehicle running costs, fuel and tolls.

Who do you use to deliver?

Beep Beep! Our team delivers within 45km of Melbourne CBD for certainty and your peace of mind. For orders over 50-80km we use an external carrier and request 2 days lead time as orders are collected at 6am. 

Do you do morning deliveries?

Unfortunately not as we are making ice cream in the morning!

What happens if I am not at home at the time

Please don’t worry. We will leave your order at your door step or foyer (in the case of an apartment building) and text you to let you know your ice cream has arrived. Product is packed in dry ice so will remain perfectly frozen for up to 2-3hrs before you need to transfer into a freezer.

Do you offer contactless delivery?

Yes. On arrival we will knock on your door and step away. If your property is unattended we will let you know happiness awaits with an SMS to confirm delivery.


Where is my order?

Thank you for your order! Once our order is placed you will receive an email confirmation. After your order has been picked (on your nominated date) you will receive despatch notification. Our drivers will be in touch with an ETA when heading your way. Happiness awaits!


What is your minimum order?

Our minimum order is $59 in order to ensure we can package your product thoughtfully and deliver it in dry ice. The $59 minimum can include any item including Ice Cream, partyware and balloons. 


When picking Popstics we always try to include a variety of shapes. If you have a preference please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accomodate your preferences.


Where are you located?

Our commercial kitchen is located in Port Melbourne Victoria 3207.

Can collect from your commercial kitchen?

Sorry not at the moment as we don’t have a retail front. We offer online orders only for delivery.


Do you offer wholesale for resellers?

Our Popstics are not available for wholesale (as we are a small batch producer making products by hand). We do create Ice cream for Melbourne's best hotels and restaurants in 5 litre tubs. 


 How long does the product last in the box?

Your Popstics will be packed in dry ice and are designed to last in the box for 2-3hrs post delivery.

Can I eat my ice cream straight out of the box?

We recommend waiting for a few minutes once out of the box or tempering your ice cream in the freezer first as dry ice will keep your Ice creams at a very cold temperature! 

What’s the shelf life of my Popstics?

Our products are delicate but made free of synthetic stabilisers, fillers and anti-agers. In doing so we produce a product that is flavour driven with quality in mind. We produce for consumption and enjoyment in its purest form.

This methodology is a complete shift away from commercial manufacturers who produce with cold chain storage shelf life in mind.

How do I store my Ice creams?

We recommend storage in a deep chest freezer free from humidity. In this environment our products will remain in perfect condition for 3-6 months. Products can be stored in a domestic freezer. Please be aware that the freezer temperature can vary greatly from household to household. We recommend storing the ice cream in the coldest section of your freezer.

The ideal storing temperature of our products is -18 degrees celsius.


Do you custom make shapes and flavours

Unfortunately we don’t make custom moulds. We do however have a large selection of shapes across a number of sizes.

We don’t make custom flavours but we can confidently say that our flavours have broad appeal!


Is your kitchen nut free?

We use products with nuts in our manufacturing. Whilst we sanitise all our our equipment, utensils and bench tops in between batches we consider all of our products to potentially contain traces of nuts.

Are your products Vegan?

Our Icy Poles are dairy free, gluten free and vegan. 

Our Sorbets are all vegan. 

Does your ice cream include egg?

All of our ice creams are Crème Anglaise based using milk, cream, sugar and pasteurised egg yolk as the base.


Thank you for visiting Popstic!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if we can assist you further.

Som and Kendra