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25 Popstics + 25 Alcohol Popstics - Catering Pack


The ultimate catering pack to cover all ages - a mix of classic Ice Creams and Sorbet Popstics along side alcohol-based Popstic options. With a mix of flavours to choose from, in a variety of fun shapes, your guests will be delighted!

Dietary requirements: Gluten free and dairy free does not have to mean taste or flavour free! We happily cater to all diets without compromising quality. 

Packaging and delivery: All Popstics are individually packaged. Popstics are boxed in dry ice and delivered to your party location. Dry ice allows 3 hrs before your Ice Creams must be transferred to a freezer.

The 25 Popstics + 25 Alcohol Popstics Catering Pack includes

  • 25x Delicious hand-made classic Ice cream, Sorbet and Icy Pole Popstics in assorted shapes and flavours 

  • 25x Alcohol Popstics in assorted shapes and flavours

Choose from the following flavours (or leave notes blank for a mix of all 24 flavours):

Ice cream Popstics: 
Cookies & Cream ice cream
Salted Caramel Ice Cream (GF)
Chocolate ice cream (GF) 
Peppermint ice cream (GF)
Sorbet Popstics: 
Passionfruit sorbet (GF, DF) 
Raspberry sorbet (GF, DF)
Pink lemon sorbet (GF, DF)
Duo Popstics: 
Mango sorbet + coconut sorbet (GF, DF)
Chocolate ice cream + passionfruit sorbet duo (GF)
Chocolate ice cream + raspberry sorbet duo (GF)
Chocolate + peppermint ice cream duo (GF)

Aperol Spritz icy pole (GF, DF)
Gin, mandarin and cumquat icy pole - Four Pillars (GF, DF)
Gin and tonic sorbet - Bombay sapphire (GF, DF)
Mojito icy pole - Bacardi (GF, DF)
Sauvignon Blanc Passionfruit sorbet - Brown Brothers (GF, DF)
Strawberry daiquiri icy pole - Bacardi (GF, DF)

Please note:
GF = gluten free, DF = dairy free
0.5% Alc/Vol. Must be 18+ to order.