Popstic was formed by three like minded hospitality professionals. Our aim being to offer you ice cream and sorbet made like nothing you've tried before. There's no dreams sold here, no hype, no attitude, just product at heart, focus and dedication to the cause.

Our kitchen is headed by Som Sayasane. A self taught ice cream maker. He's not a chef and hasn't earned the right to be called one. But has earned the respect amongst Chefs and restaurateurs for product innovation and delivering on his promise. 

In retail I am tired of being short changed, and I think the public are too that’s why I am stepping into this space. It’s not necessarily within this category either. Give people what you say you’re going to make and do it even better than what they could possibly imagine or expect. Proof is in the product and the way you deliver it. If the video doesn’t match your audio then forget about it.
I like taking the time to make my own toffees, fudges, sauces, pralines, biscuits. Steep my own fruit, use purees without sugars and additives and going the extra mile including little X factors into my recipes.